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Jess loves creating effortless hair. She believes in giving her clients a style that is simple to recreate & enhance their everyday look. Educating a client about their hair care is important to Jess along with clients gaining her trust.


Jessica Patanjo

Hi babes, I'm so happy you're here!

I'm Jessica, but that's too formal so you can Just call me Jess!

Here's a little bit about me, I'm 27 years old and grew up on Long Island, NY. I'm an Aries and love talking horoscopes to all things astrology. I've been educated in this industry for 10 years, and my passion for hair burns deep. (I guess that explains one of the reasons why I was born a fire sign!) I worked alongside many talented stylists in the beginning years of my hair career. In 2020 I finally stepped out on my own and found my vision of what kind of stylist I wanted to become. It wasn't easy at first with a few curveballs life decided to throw at me, but that only made me stronger as not only a person, but a stylist. I pride myself in having a wide variety of services available for my clients. I like to think of myself as the Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hair!

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Jess is happy to announce that her books are open and she will also be taking on destination weddings! 

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